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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Register Your Trademark

Establish legal ownership of your brand

For many businesses (especially digital ones) brand is the most valuable asset. To have a solid legal ownership of your brand you need to register your trademark. Trademark registration ensures that other companies will not have a similar trademark and provides the right to take a legal action against anyone who uses it without your authorisation. Check 5 things you should do to ensure the maximum protection of your brand name.

Protect your domain name

Cybersquatters can register a domain name resembling yours and coerce you to buy it at a premium price to protect your brands’ reputation. There are special regulations (ACPA, UDRP) protecting against cybersquatters but they extend to trademark owners only. If you haven’t registered your brand name as a trademark — or worse, if someone else registers it before you — these regulations won’t be able to help you. 

Increase your brand value

Registered trademarks increase the value of your brand and intellectual property. If you have registered your trade mark, you can also monetise it by selling, licensing, franchising or mortgaging it. Investors value higher companies with the protected brand as it increases the asset value and reduces business risks.

The trademark registration process can be complicated and tedious, so consulting with professionals can help to save your time and money.



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