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Trademark Registration in EU

The EU region

The European Union trademark system consists of one single registration procedure that gives its owner an exclusive right in the 27 Member States of the European Union as well as in its future Member States. This makes an EU trademark beneficial but this also makes the registration process more difficult. Since your brand will be registered in multiple countries at once it should satisfy all the requirements, including a more precise choice of trademark name as it must not raise any conflicts in all EU Member States.

EU trademark definition

An EU trademark can consist of any signs, in particular words (including personal names), or shape marks, position marks, letters, numerals, colours, the shape of goods, or of the packaging of goods or sounds (please note that the list provided is not exhaustive). The signs that make up a trademark must be capable of distinguishing the goods and services of one undertaking from those of another undertaking. To be eligible for registration, your trademark must be distinctive and must not describe what you sell. You can find trademark examples here.

European Union Intellectual Property Office fees are:

A basic fee of the application for an individual EU trademark – € 850
Fee for the second class of goods and services for an individual EU trademark – € 50
Fee for each class of goods and services exceeding two for an individual EU trademark – € 150

Registration process duration and registration validity

The EU trademark registration process takes from 4 to 6 months if no one objects during publication. An EU trademark registration lasts for 10 years but can be renewed indefinitely.

Trademark protection

EU trademark protection is obtained by registration. However, even before the trademark is registered, the EU trademark application entitles the applicant to file oppositions against trademark applications filed later that may be identical or similar to the applicant’s trademark for identical or related goods and/or services.

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